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St Albans

Policies & Procedures


Acceptable Use Policy


Accessibility Plan


Admissions Policy

pdfAnti-bullying Policy

pdfAttendance Policy

pdfBereavement and Loss Policy 2019

pdfBreakfast & After School Policy

pdfBritish Values Policy

pdfCalculation Policy

pdfCharging Policy

pdfChildren not collected from School Policy

pdfCurriculum Statement

pdfEarly Years Policy

pdfEarly Years Home Visit Policy

pdfEnglish Policy

pdfEquality & Diversity Policy

pdfHealth & Safety Policy

pdfHome Learning Policy

pdfHome School Agreement

pdfHome Visit Policy

pdfKeeping Schools Safe


Managing Medicines Policy

pdfMarking, Feedback and Presentation Policy

pdfMore Able & Talented Policy


Online Safety Policy 2019-2020

pdfParent, Carer & Visitor Code of Conduct

pdfPeer on Peer Abuse Policy

pdfPhonics Policy

pdfPositive Learning & Behaviour Policy

pdfPrivacy Notice – Parents & Carers

pdfPrivacy Notice – Staff

pdfPSHE Policy


pdfRSHE Policy

pdfReligious Education (RE) Policy

pdfRemote Learning Plan

pdfRelationships and Sex Education (RSE) Policy

pdfSafeguarding & Child Protection Policy


pdfSafeguarding & Child Protection Policy – COVID 19 policy adjustments

pdfSafeguarding Appendix – Breast Ironing Information

pdfSafeguarding Appendix – FGM

pdfSafeguarding Appendix – Radicalisation Extremism

pdfSEN Policy and Information Report

pdfSingle Equality Policy

pdfSpiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Policy

pdfSports Collective Code of Conduct

pdfWhistle Blowing & Managing Allegations Policy

pdfWhole School Food Policy

pdfWorship Policy

Documents Available for Inspection
Policy statements and schemes of work for the curriculum from this site are available for inspection at the school at all reasonable times.  Various other documents may also be made available and viewed, and copies can be made available, free of charge.