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St Albans

Pastoral Care

All members of staff are responsible for the general welfare and discipline of the pupils, with the Head Teacher having overall responsibility. Mutual trust, respect and concern are fostered and we try to keep school rules to a minimum We follow the ‘Stay on Green’ behaviour system. Various rewards and sanctions are used to help children to grow in self-discipline. Parents are contacted when the school feels that their additional support and cooperation are required.


Parents are required to provide contact details so that they can be contacted if a child is sick or if there is an emergency.


Children should never have medicine in school other than Ventolin type inhalers. Where medication is needed for an ongoing medical condition e.g. diabetes, a Healthcare Plan will be set up in consultation with the School Nurse, parents and school.


In order to avoid loss, damage or accident, no jewellery should be worn to school. Earrings are not permitted at any time. Parents wishing to have their child’s ears pierced should arrange this at the beginning of the summer holiday. Children may wear a small, sensible, analogue watch when they can read the time.